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WE are a lifestyle group that does not care about your job, title, or station in life. WE want you to enjoy yourself with like-minded people who share genuine and authentic energy.

YOU are an individual who has a discerning taste in cigars and libation. YOU enjoy playing golf or shooting a game of pool just to relax from a hectic day. YOU don’t want to be around people that make you feel as if you have to talk about your job or you’re selling yourself for approval.

TOGETHER we will leverage select business partnerships that appreciate our business and discerning taste. TOGETHER we will make sure you TAP THAT ASH!!!

Apparel Site Now Available!

Tap That Ash has created an apparel store (TTAAPPAREL.COM) where you can get all your official Tap That Ash items.

Looking your best leads to feeling your best, and we’re sure you know where this is going. Our stylish and comfortable apparel selections will allow you to be at your best. Whether running errands or teeing up at your local golf course, upgrade your attire and enhance your swag with our high-quality hand selected items.

Items currently available at include:

  • T-Shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Pullovers
  • Golf Polos
  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Accessories
  • Smoking Items

New items will be added from time to time, so please check back to see what’s new. We look forawrd to your business.

Use Coupon code TTA22MLK and receive 15% off your entire order.  Offer ends 1/21/22.

TTA Apparel Site
TTA Apparel Site


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Stoagie World delivers!

As part of our partnership with Maduros Fine Cigars and Tobacco, Tap That Ash would like to extend an offer from StoagieWorld VIP Cigar Club to you.

With your paid subscription, cigars will be sent to your residence every month. We’re certain you’ll enjoy the freshness and selection of the cigars hand-picked for you. Local-pickup options are available.

Use coupon code: TAPTHATASH

 Visit Stoagie World for more details.

Stoagie World

Featured Cigar 

PERDOMO 20th Anniversary Maduro

The PERDOMO 20th Anniversary Maduro has decadent 8-year old Cuban-seed Nicaraguan Maduro wrappers that are bourbon barrel-aged for an additional 14 months to ensure the rich, sweet flavors pair perfectly with the higher-priming Cuban-seed Nicaraguan binder and filler blend that offers a balance of semi-sweet notes of chocolate and espresso on the finish.

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WRAPPER: Nicaraguan Maduro
FILLER: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan
BINDER: Cuban-seed Nicaraguan

Robusto • 5 x 56
Epicure • 6 x 56
Gordo • 6 x 60
Torpedo • 6 ½ x 54
Corona Grande • 6 ½ x 48
Churchill • 7 x 56