Tap That Ash Members:

Biometrics* are soon coming to our site. Once fully tested, an email will be sent to all active members with a link to the instructions on how to configure your mobile device to accept facelD (IOS) or fingerprint (Android) to gain access to the Members Only areas. Logging into your account using facelD or fingerprint will provide greater protection to account information while also defending against advanced phishing attacks. Did we forget to mention, you won’t have to remember or manage that lengthy password when you created your account. Stay tuned as we continue to make Tap That Ash an experience unlike any other.

* Biometrics are unique physical characteristics, such as facial and/or voice recognition, DNA matching, and fingerprints.

Note: For best site experience, proceed to navigation menus upon successful login.

*** Biometric option requires initial setup prior to use. ***

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